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  • N7EagleEye

    Here in my country, Australia, we live in pretty peaceful, en-joyful state. Yeah we've got an embarrassing female prime minister running the country but overall we're a a nice nation to reside in. But I want to talk about a big issue that's affecting all gamers outside U.S.A and Europe, I'm talking about video game price fixing on digital download. I am on PS3/PSN and if you saw Australia's dlc prices then you would want to close your eyes. It is the worst category to pay so much of our money on, even worse than our high petrol/gas prices and stupid carbon tax!

    Some of you may know the price of ME DLC in U.S dollars but I want to present how much we Australian's have to pay.

    Australian Dollars

    Arrival- 11.45 ($6.99 USD)

    N7 Complete Arsenal Bun…

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  • N7EagleEye

    Bioware Montreal Producer Fabrice Condominas was recently (18th October) interviewed by VG247 about details of Mass Effect 4. The producer confirmed that ME4 will have NO Cmdr Shepard to reprise his/her role, no "v2 Shepard" that will resemble Shepard's personality and that the new protagonist will not be soldier (WTF) I don't know what the hell Bioware is trying to steer this great series to but check out these links: [1] & [2]

    I am running on fumes. A new protagonist for ME4 won't be a soldier! What a sad day. Does Bioware want us fans to play a politician making rich just by doing nothing except pass boring laws for the galaxy to follow or a general that will turn ME4 into a RTS like EA's cash cow Command & Conquer. I literally love the …

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