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  • Mr Rinn

    Mass Effect Choices Poll

    April 12, 2013 by Mr Rinn

    Well ladies and gentlemen this will likely be my last poll on this wiki, enjoy!

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  • Mr Rinn

    Well now that my poll for the ME3 choices has slowed down/stopped I decided to move on to ME2, I figured I'd do it in reverse. If you didn't complete the DLCs then don't answer the questions related to them, I left Lair of the Shadow Broker out as it lacks meaningful choices. Unfortunately many of these are yes/no questions sorry.

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  • Mr Rinn

    I do like making polls so I thought I would make one based on the choices we can make and the actions that occur in Mass Effect 3, feel free to answer as many as you can, and answer the choices to reflect how you mainly did it in the game or how it went in your first playthrough.

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