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  • MrRabbitSir

    For sake of argument lets accept everything up to the final push and harbinger's death beam(I’m going to assume that he made it through unscathed). 1) We know that this conduit went to the citadel, and we didn’t see his squad die; therefore we know Shepard is now on the citadel with his squad. 2) We know that Shepard needs to open the arms for the crucible to dock, and(from ME1) that there is a master control panel both in the citadel tower and C-SEC HQ; therefore we know our objective. 3) We know that the reapers had been transporting humans both dead and alive up to the citadel for processing, as well as the fact that the citadel itself had millions of inhabitants; therefore we know that there are both enemy forces on the citadel as well…

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  • MrRabbitSir

    First of all I would like to state that minor plot holes aside the Mass Effect franchise consists of 3 out of my top 5 favorite games ever(yes even the third one), The others being Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age: Origins. And that the last 10 minustes aside, ME3 comtained some of the most powerful storytelling I have experienced across all forms of media.

    That being said, the ending sucked so hard that it ruined my desire to continue with the franchise in any way(similar to how Dragon Age 2 killed my support of the Dragon Age franchise), and unless something is done to resolve it I will purchase NO dlc, NO merchandise, and NO future games involving the Mass Effect universe. Further I urge everyone else out there to follow suit. If BioWar…

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  • MrRabbitSir

    This is how I feel the game should have ended. I apologize if it is hard to follow, I typed it up in an outline format and it did not transfer over as intended.

    1)  (if Virmire Survivor>EDI>Vega) calls out Shepard’s name and runs over to his downed body before hearing a reaper klaxon, and looking up to see Harbinger charge and fire its main cannon. 2.B)   (if Shepard had

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