In case anybody was curious about it, the ME fan film Red Sand will be premiering on YouTube today at 4:30 PM Mountain Time. There will also be an online Q&A with the cast and crew of the film before and after the premiere. Details are on their Facebook and Twitter.

Red Sand is set 35 years before the games. It follows Jon Grissom (played by none other than Mark Meer) as he and his team work to protect a group of Alliance scientists researching the recently discovered Prothean archives from a group of raiders addicted to Element Zero.

Check out the trailer here.

I always like seeing when fans put serious effort into making these kind of things. I'll be tuning in.

It's out! Watch it here.

I thought that for a short student film, it was pretty good. I felt they did a good job of capturing the concept of what a proto-Mass Effect human technology might look like, as well as the Biotic effects. I think the only thing that bothered me was that it was a bit rushed. Some areas could've been more developed if they took a few more minutes to flesh things out. That said, making a film like this is easier said then done.

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