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Big Patch Coming Soon


See the changelog here.

There are going to be a lot of changes to all sorts of gameplay elements, so let's make sure we get these things put into relevant articles when the patch is released.

Notable changes:

  • Singularity redesigned in multiplayer
  • Geth Pyros cannot be grabbed anymore
  • Weapons with natural piercing damage no longer reduced by piercing mods
  • Incinerate evolution 5 can give a damaged bonus to frozen/chilled enemies
  • Disruptor Ammo Upgrades now to 400% against shields and barriers instead of 100%
  • Biotic Charge bouncy glitch may be getting fixed
  • Batarians and Krogan stagger less
  • Fixed crazy range on the Banshee grab
  • Fixed SMG Ultralight glitch
  • Concussive shot is better in multiple ways
  • Leviathan Weapon mods now carry over to New Game Plus
  • Sword Mastery now applies to Shadow Strike
  • Headshots work on Brutes, Primes, and Banshees, as well as exhaust port on Atlas
  • Players get 10% extra credits if they extract!
  • If Marksman is active, your weapons will auto-reload
  • Cannibals will now be able to preform executions by EATING players!

...but there's a whole lot more in the link.

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