• Mkcstealth

    This contains spoilers, but i assume most of you have beaten Mass Effect 3, but this is just a warning for those who might not have yet

    So i was playing Mass Effect 3 last night, finishing up a character that i did a special run with, just to see what would happen, and what i got was the glitchiest and most hilarious ending i've seen thus far.

    I call it "The Ghost of Commander Sheperd" Glitch. Basically, in order to get this glitch, you need to make sure that you kill off your entire squad for Mass Effect 3.

    This is how you do it for the most part:

    In Mass Effect 2, make sure Tali and Garrus die during the Suicide mission, otherwise the glitch won't work.

    Now that leaves us with:

    -James -EDI -Liara -Kaidan/Ashley (in my playthrough Kaidan) -Javi…

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  • Mkcstealth

    So according to the guide book for Mass Effect 3, if a player imports a save game where Commander Sheppard purchased and kept alive a Prejek Paddlefish, and keeps it alive through all of Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 3 New Game Plus, they receive a secret intel bonus from Liara. Has anyone done this yet? Kinda tempted to try it out.

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