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  • Milky544

    I have previously played mass effect 1 and 2 on the PC but since 3 wasn't on steam I now have all three on the PS3, I have completed the first one and just started the second one, in the original I had a romance with Ash, but importing that charterer the game has changed Ashe for Liara, I was wondering if this was a recognized bug, and if so how to fix it? I don't really fancy playing the first one all over again yet. Hope someone can help and thanks.

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  • Milky544

    Jack and Miranda.

    May 20, 2010 by Milky544

    is it possible to keep the loyalty of both Jack and Miranda? after completing Pragia i got the call from joker, having previously done Miranda's loyalty mission, on calming them down i saw the paragon and renegade options but both were blacked out, despite the fact i had near full paragon points, more than half way up the last chamber bit, and talking to to jack afterwards it was still impossible to have anything other than a terse exchange. so basically i find it impossible to maintain my entire crews loyalty, is it designed to be like that, do i need to do pragia before helping Oriana, or is it neccesary to actually have full paragon or renegade bars, or does it sound like a bug in my version of the game? any thoughts anyone?


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  • Milky544

    I need help.

    May 16, 2010 by Milky544

    I'm writting this every more or less everywhere I can, short of actually making a new page proper for it, because I am so desperate for help. I can't import my character from the first game to the second. the game and everything I find tells me to ' run the configuration utility, to copy your save games to the appropriate location' and yet nowhere can I find something that actually tells me where this is or how to do it. I really can't believe but am starting to think that it isn't possible to do so if you downloaded the game instead of buying a hard copy, please at the least tell me this isn't the case. I'm perfectly willing to believe and accept that i'm being a total idiot, moron, noob or any other word of that ilk that you care to choo…

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