• Midnightpiranha

    people for op. patriot

    September 19, 2012 by Midnightpiranha

    basically, like someone posted about op vigilance that most people would just mess it up by using consumables.

    Would anyone like to try going for operation patriot? Suggest a race below if you want to. Also include which platform you play on and psn/xbl/origin username. Also which time zone you live in may help

    me: Platform: pc username: thundadragoon (yeah I know its cheesy but its hardly ever taken already) race: salarians time zone: GMT + 1

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  • Midnightpiranha

    A Galaxy Away (fanfic)

    September 16, 2012 by Midnightpiranha

    So this is my first fanfic (insert yay/boo here). You can thank/blame Ygrain for ultimately giving me encouragement to do one of these myself. These (my) fanfics (assuming I post more than one) all take place in the universe of my first (Ben) Shepard but do not necessarily include him. I.e. they are somewhat related to each other.

    "Congratulations on your new appointment Ma'am"

    Kal'Reegar was standing a few metres away from the officer he was saluting. She returned the salute before allowing Kal to lead her away from the meeting room of the admiralty board.

    "Admiral Tali'Zorah vas Normandy. That's got to be something quite special, Ma'am"

    "Kal, how many times do I have to tell you to just call me Tali?" The officer replied, a hint of irritatio…

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  • Midnightpiranha

    This probably counts as speculation but still

    How physics seems to work in the ME universe

    1. Conservation of energy. I was thinking about how in depth I should make this bit but I am rather sure that the law of conservation of energy is warped or destroyed in the ME universe. How? well consider two weights on, for want of a better description, a bicycle chain length (H), with one weight hanging on each and an a gear at the top which the chain runs over the gear leads to a generator. Give weight 1 a mass of (M) and weight 2 a mass of (M+D). Now place a mass reducing circuit with a switch under weight 2 and let the system move. Start with mass 2 at the top and the circuit off. Gain in GPE for the system would be G*D*H where G is acceleration …

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  • Midnightpiranha

    The title pretty much says it all. What referances would you like to have seen in the Mass Effect trilogy?

    Personally I would have liked to see:

    If you (femshep) romanced someone is Mass 1, Garrus in Mass 2 but locked in the Mass 1 relationship in Mass 3 without ending it with Garrus. Garrus will referance 'heard it through the grapevine' maybe he can hum a bit of it next time you talk to him in the batteries.

    If you had fish in Mass 2 but did not have Kelly save them for Mass 3, when asking after them of someone on the retrofit team (Traynor, Cortez or Adams) they will reference the monty python parrot sketch; 'They are no more, they have ceased to be, they are ex-fish'

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  • Midnightpiranha

    Basically the council races' response to the earth pack, Spectres, all named after some of the many destructive forces of nature. This could have a name like the reconnaissance pack. Each new class would have 1 or 2 skills (powers) new to the game Classes:

    • Thunder Adept - A spectre asari adept (yes another one) who specialises in biotic explosions


    Biotic Flare - a short range straight firing attack that does high damage to shields/barriers but very low damage to health and armour. This can be upgraded for moderate damage to armour, detonate and be detonated. One level 6 version is resonate which makes biotic flare have a lasting area of effect for about 5-10 seconds but prevents it from contributing to a biotic explosion.

    Pull - alread…

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