Reading some of the comments about ME2 reminded me that there was an ending where

you die. with this being said EVERYONE who argues against the posibility of making

another SEQUEL with Commander Shepard needs to take a minute to really consider the following.

See the best thing about mass effect is you got to customize your experience by

choosing how you did things. You could always do whats right, or break the rules

and do everything renegade, or do mostly good with a few renegade choices, or vice

versa and most decisions you make have some affect on the story line or gameplay.

Bottom line is the Mass Effect story is customizable to what you want to see, not

this is how the story is and thats that. At the end of ME2 if you get the ending

where you die and your satisfied with that, then that is the end of your characters

story and they have no place in ME3 but if your not satisfied than you replay the

game and make better choices untill you get an ending where

you survive and your characters story gets to continue when you import them into

ME3 so even if you just let your character die the main story continues.

Now i dont know if getting the ending where you die in ME2 actually prevents you

from importing your character into ME3, i didnt get that ending because i didnt

want to see it in MY PERSONAL MASS EFFECT STORY, but that shouldnt mean if someone

else wants to see that ending they cant. Now the ME3 ending should follow the same

rules, If you were satisfied with the current 5 endings (control, destroy and you

die, destroy and you might be alive but dont get to find out, synthesis, or not use

the crucible) than its your right to let that be the end of your characters story

but for those of us who did not want to end our story by sacraficing ourselves a

new game needs to be made that starts with you waking up from acoma explaining that

they are still at war with the reapers and you never made it onto the citadel,

using the crucible was just a dream while you were knocked out from the reaper

blast. Or they could put that into a new DLC that shows all that in the end of ME3

and start #4 a lil later in the timeline. Let me know what you think

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