Everone has been debating about the end of ME3 but now here is something I havent

seen brought up yet, Was anyone satisfied with the last fight? My answer to that is

no. For what should have been an epic and glorious clash of forces, fell very short

of my expectations of the last fight with the reapers, in fact if you think about it

there was never any type of final boss or MAJOR last battle, playing multiplayer on

bronze difficulty was more of a challenge than the last fight in the campaign, and

for the last battle of a game, that falls short of my expectations for EVERY game.

imagine playing Mario without ever

being able to fight and beat bowser. bump that right, thats the whole point of the

game defeat bowser save the princess. In Mass Effect the point is defeat the reapers

save the galaxy while doing it your way. well technically you do "defeat" the reapers

and save the galaxy if you wish, but I did buy a video game and not a movie or audio

book, so fighting a couple waves of ground troops and having to dodge a reaper laser

in the last minute or so and then simply choosing whats going to happen doesnt cut it

they should have at least let you fight harbinger in the end before using the

crucible That would have been better than just, "ok fight a couple waves and choose

the ending, oh and no matter what you die, but there is a chance that youll see

yourself wake up and take a breathe for a half second or is that your dying breathe

that you hear youll never know, DUN DUN DUUUUNN!!! Please this is a blog about the

LAST FIGHT NOT THE ENDING, i just couldnt help but rant that last part LOL. Let me know what you think.

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