I like this theory that everything after the final push to the teleporter was all

in shepards head, and that was him fighting the indoctrination. It would make the
last part of the game and the mysterious boy make sense. I truly think that the
reapers are attempting to indoctrinate shepard throughout the entire game. The
catalyst is my evidence. See the catalyst is an AI and I think that it was created 

for some type of government system to maintain order and that it was given the

image of its creators son so every time you see the boy is merely a hallucination

of the indoctrination trying to make shepard feel guilty. There is no other legit

explanation for why the catalyst takes the form of that boy. Some want to say that

the catalyst takes that form because the kids death was hard on shepard and was a

prominent thought in his mind, but in 100% of previous encounters of an alien

entity taking form of someone from the viewers mind in any other plot the entity

explains that they took that form because its easiest for the viewer to process.

this however does not apply to ME3 shepard seems to just accept the impossible fact

that this ancient AI looks exactly like a boy he seen playing on the roof of a

skyscraper who also told him he couldnt save him and had to helplessly watch die in

the beginning of the game(and nobody else ever notices him). Another indicator that

everything after the final push is in shepards head is Anderson and a few other

details. if you notice Anderson barely has a scratch on him and his uniform doesnt

have a singe or burn anywhere, there can be no other explanation for this other

than its all in shepards head. Shepards battle armor was nearly completely blown

off from by the reapers while running to the telepoter and yet Anderson gets to the

teleporter with barely a scratch wearing only a very lightly armored military

uniform, bullshite, the entire hammer force was wiped out, so no one was left to

have taken out the reapers guarding the teleporter, so how could anderson all by

himself get past the reapers with barely a scratch and get on the citadel AFTER

shepard, yet come out ahead of shepard on the citadel in a one way path. I know He

says that he must have been sent to a different location however the timing of the

dialogue doesnt line up if you head to the console asap for him to have been sent

to a room that looks like where you wake up, so that cant be the explanation even

if he was to have been shifted in there when he sasy the walls move. That and some

other details you dont notice right off the bat unless your looking for it or play

through a few times are dream discrepancies such as there being backwards writing

on the wall in the citadel, not being able to see your feet, the way you seem to

glide across the floor as you walk.The only way this can be justified is that the

last part of the game is in shepards head and the catalyst is trying to

indoctrinate him. He wants you to do the wrong thing while believing your doing the

right thing by only presenting choices which result in your death so you would

believe that you are going to die no matter what and showing the choices that are

in the reapers favor as being good and the choice to destroy the reapers as bad by

showing it as red and pointing out that you would also destroy the geth and

yourself. synthesis is in the reapers favor because to synthesize all organic life

to synthetics essentially completes the reapers goal in an instant by preserving

organic life in synthetic form and eventually gives them control of all life

through indoctrination, and the control choice is in the reapers favor because you

may have control at first but would eventually be indoctrinated. I expect another

game to come out with shepard coming out of acoma, and whatever ending you choose

in ME3 only impacts your mental state and paragon since it all only happened in

shepards head.It would also be nice if they make the game an actual war with the

reapers with actual space battles aboard the Normandy seeing as how The entirety of

ME3 is of you gathering forces for a battle that you never get to really see or

participate in, and out of 3 games they still failed to deliver any space battles

that let you control the Normandy in battle, I mean after getting a glimpse of the

thousands maybe even millions of reapers at the end of ME2 I was expecting a

grander scale of war and to be able to fight against hundreds of reapers not the

few rare encounters like it was. Bioware please get your artisticly ignorant thumb

out your butt and Make us the Game that we have been waiting for, since ME1 we have

been waiting for a FULL OUT WAR with the extremely ancient and IMMENSE forces of

the reapers the ACTUAL REAPERS not just their ground forces and bottom line ME3 DID

NOT DELIVER THAT. I have faith Bioware dont let us down, and Im not buying any

other games made by you or EA untill you have made the Mass Effect game we have

been waiting for since we learned of the reapers in ME1. Mass Effect 4 needs to be

an EPIC and MASSIVE FULL OUT WAR with the REAPER ARMADA not just fighting tiny

groups of ground forces but massive battles with battalion on battalion and ACTUAL

REAPERS Id like to be able to actually fly the normandy in battle both planet side

and in space against the reaper armada fighting hundreds of reapers alongside the

united galactic fleets. Bioware We all have invested too much time into Shepard to

have his story end with ME3 especially the way it ended. Know that me and others

are boycotting your products Bioware unless you rectify the ending of ME3 by

bringing Shepard back in Mass Effect 4 and preferably not as an npc but as the main

character to continue the ACTUAL WAR AGAINST THE REAPERS. These are my thoughts let

me know what you think.

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