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ME3 Wishlist

- To meet up with Legion, maybe not as a squadmate, but to find he's king of the Geth or something. - Fly the Normandy directly against Harbinger above Earth (how awesome would that be?) - Increased mobility (maybe an automatic mantle) - Deadlier team mates. - Cerberus hit squads reclaiming the Normandy, requiring Shepard to reclaim the ship lightly armed in the casual outfit. - Immediate boost for people who port the character they ported from ME1, and a slightly reduced one for ME2 players. - Another version of Genesis. - More assignments on Earth/Citadel, and one of those to act as the central location. - More weapons. - Cheaper DLC (unreasonable?) - Time travel (maybe) - All surviving squadmates from ME1 and 2 available to join the squad. - More romance options. - Three squadmates instead of two in away parties. - At least one ending in which everyone dies, and one in which everyone lives happily ever after. - Finally, more aggressive, intelligent enemies and allies.

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