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What's wrong with wanting a happy ending for ME3?

I hate how people act like you must be intellectually inferior or incapable of appreciating a good story if you want a happy ending. On the contrary, it's poor writing if the only way you're able to make an ending have an emotional impact is by making it depressing/sad or negative. Lord of the Rings is a prime example of a book that ends in a happy ending, and yet leaves an emotional mark. You feel sad that the journey is at an end, but the overall tone of the ending is a positive one. Me personally (in my story anyway) I wanted Shepard to live, retire and be with Liara and have lots of liitle blue children or relaxing on a beach with Garrus by drinking some beers while enjoying the sight of a dead Reaper. I mean Shepard deserves some peace for all the s*** he had to go through but many people have to say "All these people are whinners because they didn't have their rainbow-unicorn rainbow" or something similar. I mean I'll welcome a bittersweet victory as long as I feel triumphant but ending didn't offer that obviously. Or at least give us the option on what ending we personally want: a happy, bittersweet, or bad ending (like Dragon Age: Origins). So yea what's with the hate for an happy ending?

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