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  • Matthew Paul

    According to last month's issue of Game Informer, the infamous ME3 Ending was in the "Top 10 Dissapointments" at number 5 BioWare never "made a case" for the original ending.

    "Some fans loved the ending of Mass Effect 3. Others hated it. At first BioWare staunchly defended its right to make creative descisions, whether popular or not. Then, it changed course and released DLC that expanded (but didn't drastically alter) the ending - leaving both those its defenders and detractors unsatisfied. Worst of all, the studio never tried to make a case for its original ending."

    I guess that means they wanted details on why they thought it was good and was worth defending. What do you guys think?

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  • Matthew Paul

    Apparently I just read that "Leviathan's success will determine whether BioWare works on future single-player DLC for Mass Effect 3."

    Again this goes back to the Endings. "The ending is, as those who've played the game would know, final, with no possibility of a future for the Commander Shepard character. As such, a DLC like Leviathan, regardless of the quality of its content, may fail to interest anyone who feels as though their story has already ended", according to the article.

    Additionally a fan on Twitter asked whether BioWare had any plans to develop single-player DLCs in the future. ME3 writer Patrick Weekes wrote: "Future DLC plans of any kind depend upon success of Leviathan. If we see that people want SP DLC, can always make more." …

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  • Matthew Paul

    ■ Credit for this section goes to deviantART user MrPolvikoski[1], who made good points and I thought I share with the rest.

    Ever since the launch of ME3, the fans all around the world have been sharing ongoing discussion about the future of Mass Effect series. Some are open for new games, some are treating the idea with suspicion, and some absolutely hate it. In this series of short articles I would like to bring some ideas out. These views are my own, but they are based on long discussions I've had with other well beloved Mass Effect fans. I will try to keep the text short in each chapter, but will still bring out all possible point of views. I also give permission to share these articles, and encourage everyone to keep up the active disc…

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  • Matthew Paul

    So after the events of the ME's Ending and the EC, how do you guys feel about the current status of Bioware and it's fan base and the overall future of the series after it's ending?

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  • Matthew Paul

    I hate how people act like you must be intellectually inferior or incapable of appreciating a good story if you want a happy ending. On the contrary, it's poor writing if the only way you're able to make an ending have an emotional impact is by making it depressing/sad or negative. Lord of the Rings is a prime example of a book that ends in a happy ending, and yet leaves an emotional mark. You feel sad that the journey is at an end, but the overall tone of the ending is a positive one. Me personally (in my story anyway) I wanted Shepard to live, retire and be with Liara and have lots of liitle blue children or relaxing on a beach with Garrus by drinking some beers while enjoying the sight of a dead Reaper. I mean Shepard deserves some peac…

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