One of the things I like about the Fallout series is that their are some incentives to keeping a relatively neutral karma score such as special bonuses and access to certain companions. While I believe Mass Effect has much better writing and storytelling than Fallout, where Mass Effect lacks is tough decisions. Very rarely do I see players play as a neutral Shepard. Usually you play as either a pretty much pure paragon or pure renegade. Very rarely does the renegade option end up being better in the end than the paragon choice. I think in the next installment of the game would benefit from having more renegade options actually being beneficial to you rather than just being amusing. There is really no incentive to being neutral as your reputation goes in Mass Effect and I think it is one of the things that hurts the storytelling of the series. What if there was a purple option (red + blue) to go along with the red and blue choices we see for dialogue? This, along with having renegade options that actually make me think would greatly help the story and keep me from basically automatically choosing the paragon or renegade option depending how I'm playing on that particular playthrough. I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks about this.

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