Saw an article yesterday that all but confirmed that Mass Effect 4 wouldn't be connected to Shepard's story. To some this may be the confirmation that they are done with the series, but I see this move an inevitable and in many ways needed. First of all, just the logistics of transferring a save file from your old console to the new ones, which I assume the game will be on, would be a pain. There are a few things that would need to be addressed at the beginning of the next game (i.e. the ending you chose) that could probably be addressed with a beginning comic like were added to Mass Effect 2 and 3 who were not transferring a save file. While I will miss some of the characters that Shepard brought along, Mordin being my favorite, it will be nice to get to know some new characters. You can only go so long before everything that the characters do is predictable and boring. Anyhow, didn't want to write too much but here's the article:

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