Well, in case you missed it, Casey Hudson left BioWare today. I doubt that this really affects the next game at all, especially since it seems that they are taking the series in a different direction and really have little need for advice from the "old guard". I do think this change does open the door for something that would be great for a potential rerelease of the ME trilogy on the new consoles. Everyone knows that Casey Hudson was one of the masterminds of the ending of ME3. Now that he is gone, it is possible for a rerelease of the game to have a new, more satisfying ending. This would be the ultimate slap in the face to him and it couldn't have been done if he was still with the company. I know that a new ending would be incredibly unlikely, but it would be an opportunity to right a wrong, and if I were them I would take advantage of it. If the ME trilogy was rereleased, would you be in favor of it having a new ending? Or, at least give players the choice to play a new ending?

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