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    A better ME3 endings

    July 19, 2012 by Markurion

    Okay, so, the headline says it all. After brainstorming the night, I decided to give all I have to shaking down the illusion of ending that Extended Cut gave us. Theres not much in Bioware left worth fighting for, but anyhow, I wanna contribute for those who still think ME3 is greater than EAware. It's a long read, but I thank anyone patient enough to read it.

    I used Indoctrination theory and other bits I heard and gathered from my friends.

    Here is what I would’ve adjusted in Indoctrination theory.

    So, Shepard and others are beginning the final run to the Citadel beam. Harbinger comes down and the race is now desperate. After the blast, Shepard falls unconscious. Here comes the Indoctrination.

    That bullcrap about only Destroy option gets you f…

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  • Markurion

    So, it's basically the headline. How many of you decided to screw it all and shoot the little Star child in tha face? I know I did. Man, his new, "better detailed" logic angered me even more than before. It's come down to this. Synthetic program created by Organics to be a peacekeeper, forces Shepard to do what he wants. No matter that players already saw at least 2 other, far better solutions, months ago. No, Allmighty synthetic program knows better than Shepard what can and cannot be. Unacceptable. Matrix trilogy had better explained war between organics and synthetics than this.

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  • Markurion

    Just about an hour ago, I found out about Bioware's announcement for new DLC that will be released on summer 2012, and will be free.

    According to Bioware, this new DLC will NOT change the endings, but will give some closure to Shepard's story. Frankly, I think this is just another insult for the fans. Why? Because the very first and most important thing that pissed off so many fans was the lack of choice importance. No matter what we did, no matter if we were Renegade or Paragon Shepard, same thing always happens.

    This new "Extended Cut" doesn't seem to help much regarding that issue. We still won't see importance of our choices. We still have to comply to the Starchild even if most of us would rather kick it's sorry a... ahem! Even if most …

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