The Mass Effect Wiki is now offically a toddler! I am sorry to say that I could not be here for this wiki's humble beginnings, but I am glad I'm here now. I would like to dedicate this blog to the admins and guys that aspire to be them (Lancer?). Our most active Admin, SpartHawg948, has seen us thorugh the good times and the bad times. Tullis sorry you could not be here to read this. Also our most active registered character Lancer1289, who is a stickler for the rules. Our resident crazy person Ralok, our picture guy Dammej. And our new active members PheonixBlue and PikaShepard. I personally consider myself the "blog man"(for posting so many blogs), but I'll let you decide that one. I also wanna give a shout out to all the unregistered contributers, both good and bad. The good for always following the rules, making edits, necessasary and unnecessasary. The bad, weeellll, for giving Lancer and Spart things to prove they are smart. Just kidding, for giving them grief. The normal editors I also would like to acknowledge: JakePT(The Renagade Badass), Harbinger265, TheIllusiveMan, and EffectOfTheMassVariety.

I consider this wiki home to the snarky and sarcastic editors, but we are all fun loving people who just want to dedicate a little of their time helping people understand one of the greatest RPGs of the Last Decade.

Great Job Guys and Happy Editing. (If I forgot anyone, I apologize). BTW Spart, thanks for reminding us how long we have been doing this.

The Known but forgotten by an idiot who posted a blog: DRY(admin)

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