I have taken time and compiled a list of the best games of 2010 for me so far. Here is this list here:

(Best RPG): Mass Effect 2 (Did I even have to say it?)

(Best Third Person Shooter): Red Dead Redemption

(Best Sports Game): UFC 2010

(Best FPS): Battlefield 2

(Best Movie Tie-In): Toy Story 3 (Though there was not much compitition)

(Best Soundtrack): Red Dead Redemption

(Best Game So Far): Red Dead Redemption

Why Best Game So Far:

Well Red Dead has somehow managed to bring the feel of a Clint Eastwood movie to a video game. The gameplay has been tightened from GTA 4 and it feels great. The story is a truley thought out Redemption story, and is told with almost no loose ends. Sorry to say Mass Effect 2 almost beat it.

Now this is my own personal list, but I would like to hear your own lists and see what you think won in these catagories (well most of them).

If you disagree with a choice on my list, or have your own list, or both, please leave it in the comment section below this blog.

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