This blog is all about this whole continuity and canon and story for the recently announced movie. First of all movie length: If anyone thinks about it the game could be compressed down into a 3 to 3/5 hour long movie without people getting bored. Now it is hard to argue over a computer, but cut out all the fat the game had and get to the meat of it(the story), we will all find it is hardly long at all. Half the time we are traveling along this big galaxy that we often forget that adds to the games timer. The main story is roughly about 5 hours long give or take, then I remembered that great movie called Godfather Part II(really good) and saw that that was around 4 hours long. I think we could all do without an hour of Massively Effective stuff. Now the canon and story ( this one is a mouthfull kiddies so see up) is just another way of saying the set plot. I know many of you would sit in the adiunce and whine that they were not doing things your way (which personally everyone is already doing anywho). But here is a little loop hole in the canon. Its pretty much set in stone that Shep would kill Saren, Destroy the collecters( and live), and Destroy the Reapers. And we can all assume since this is a massive project, it would only be right to say they would make Shep the good guy. It would also be safe to say they would more or less put Ash for all three (although it would be nice to see if tension was created with another romance option in the second). Of course none of this would not matter to any of you so you will probably find some way to disprove this and just say they would make some wierd spin-off with little to no references to the games so go ahead.

Like I say, nothing is set in stone. DONE!!

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