Believe it or not, Guitar Hero is dead. Shame really, I liked WOR and 5, despite 5's questionable soundtrack. What really bugs me is that this is a show of Activision's idiocy. Instead of simply putting the series on hold and just giving the market time to settle, they just outright fire the staff working on the series. It was cut along with True Crime: Hong Kong as well, so Activision could pool resources into effectvely killing Call Of Duty next. And Activision thinks this was the smartest move to do? They oversaturated the market with Guitar Hero, constantly giving us the same game with a different soundtrack and new toys to buy. Hong Kong was just killed off like Kat in Halo Reach (ba dum tish). Its sad too, because the game was in its beta stage, almost ready to be sent out with a demo.

In conclusion, I am sad to see a series go out, and Hong Kong get snubbed. I wish everyone who worked on those games the best of luck. And too Activision, would you kindly stop making stupid descisions.

Please, if you want to voice your opinion, do so. And if I left anything out please tell me.

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