• MEffect Fan

    Anti GTA, L.A. Noire

    March 10, 2011 by MEffect Fan

    So yeah, Rockstar and Team Bondai are now making the polar opposite of Grand Theft Auto, L.A. Noire. I don't know why this game makes me want to buy it, the after hype RDR left on gaming culture to make us buy another Rockstar game, or its own innovative technolgy. I am somehow still skeptical about its release considering it is coming out in May, and we still really know little about the game's story or its gameplay. Sure we got the gameplay trailer, but it really just sorta skimmed over it, but the idea of tell signs in the actor's face to know when they are lying does sound pretty cool. Certainly can't wait to see how this game plays out.

    If you guys wanna voice your opinion, feel free to do so. And if I left anything out or made a mist…

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  • MEffect Fan

    Activsion, why?

    February 21, 2011 by MEffect Fan

    Believe it or not, Guitar Hero is dead. Shame really, I liked WOR and 5, despite 5's questionable soundtrack. What really bugs me is that this is a show of Activision's idiocy. Instead of simply putting the series on hold and just giving the market time to settle, they just outright fire the staff working on the series. It was cut along with True Crime: Hong Kong as well, so Activision could pool resources into effectvely killing Call Of Duty next. And Activision thinks this was the smartest move to do? They oversaturated the market with Guitar Hero, constantly giving us the same game with a different soundtrack and new toys to buy. Hong Kong was just killed off like Kat in Halo Reach (ba dum tish). Its sad too, because the game was in its…

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  • MEffect Fan

    Miranda's benign neoplasm

    December 12, 2010 by MEffect Fan

    I was reading through this hilariously bad fan fiction, because I have nothing better to do on a saturday night, when author called Miranda's LotSB dossier "bullsh*t". Apparantly, according to this writer and wikipedia, Miranda's condition can be cured by todays medical standards. Can anyone clear this up for me, because I myself am not well versed in medical science.

    Link to fanfic (author claims it at the end, so you might want to skip everything else, cause this story is NOT Mass Effect):

    Small note: I read this story out of curosity, but I realise that was a mistake.

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  • MEffect Fan

    California VG law

    November 1, 2010 by MEffect Fan

    I hope most of you have at least heard of this absurd court case. I won't go in detail, so I will post a link to a news article on this subject [1].

    I personally think this is a stupid proposition, as parents of minors should at least see what the game in question is about, but more so to the point that outlets should be making records of each game sold, and weather or not this person was a minor or not.

    I strongly suggest you read the article before posting, and then check this website out [2].

    Please voice your opinions in the comments section below.

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  • MEffect Fan

    I played the Undead DLC at a friends house and I liked it. It has two elements that has been rarely used: Zombies and The Old West, and it just keep the theme going throughout. I do love the new weapons like the Blunderbuss and mounts, which are mainly just the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. Seeing all the characters again was a blast, and while I will not buy it as a DLC, I will buy it when it comes out on Disc.

    What did you guys think of it, or, if you haven't played it, do you think you would buy it?

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