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How to Regain Loyalty

I got Mass Effect 2 for Christmas and so far I had a great time. But when it came to the confrontations between two loyal squad members (specifically Jack and Miranda), that was when I thought "How do you get back her loyalty?"

Here's what happened: I don't have Xbox Live, I'm still doing my first playthrough, I had LOW Paragon and Renegade on the first bar, I finished Miranda's loyalty mission first, then Jack's mission next, and then that's when it began. I was in that fight between Miranda and Jack and the Paragon and Renegade options were grayed out. Either BioWare is doing this on purpose or whether this was a glitch or bug, I was screwed. So I sided with Jack, Miranda gets pissed, I lost her loyalty, and I was screwed. Since then I kept constantly going to her hoping the Paragon option was there, but there isn't anything I can do.

The same thing didn't happen between Legion and Tali. By then, I had my Paragon on the fourth bar, and I had the Paragon option and everyone is happy. But this single living girl who has a nice British accent won't let me get her back to me side.

So guys, since I am new to this game, what am I supposed to do? What do I need to get Miranda's loyalty back, a FULL Paragon, or not have a romance with someone because it seems like I'm close to Tali, Jack, or Samara? Anything please help me!

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