Hi guys, like the title says there's a livechat happening at a forum chat for people ask questions and hopefully get them answered.


Later Edit:The chat ended and ofc they avoided the best questions hehe.

Some questions already answered:

Q:Hello,I would like to know what we can expect from Mass Effect 4 . Will it play before , while or after Mass Effect 3.

A:Sorry CaptainLoco, we do not have any information about a Mass Effect 4 or other future games. We can talk about Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3 and DLCs, books, comics, life at BioWare, etc though. ==

Q:Also, can you give us any info of when approximately can we expect the SP DLC?

A:Nothing we can confirm yet. It is being worked on now and until the ME3 team are sure it is complete, tested and ready, we don't want to give hints in case we are too soon or too late. It is on the way though. As soon as possible, as long as it is 100% ready.

Q:Greetings,First of all I want to thank you for the Extended Cut (and all other Mass Effect Games and DLCs of course). It is such a great DLC, which enclousures the endings of Mass Effect 3. Still there a quite a few questions: 1. After the Destruction Ending (with more than 3100 EMS): Why is it not possible to see how Shepard is found by his crew or Citadel workers and maybe a wedding scene, if you have a Love Interest? For me, as a Tali Fan, it would have been great to see a wedding scene at Rannoch. 2. How many DLCs for Mass Effect 3 are planned? First I read 3, but then I found out, that this was a translation mistake. Thank you

A:1. It was important to us that our endings were open enough to allow for a range of interpretations. For me personally, I wouldn't have wanted to see a wedding scene. However, the game allows for us to walk away with our own conclusions about what happens. So in my game, there's no wedding scene and Shepard has to grapple with her decision that wiped out EDI and the Geth. In your ending, it sounds like Shepard and Tali were able to build a new life together on Rannoch. And from a technical stand-point, everything has to come to an end. The team felt that this allowed for closure while still giving various possibilities without a "canon" post-end plot. 2. I can't say exactly how many we have planned but I'm excited for great singleplayer and multiplayer content ahead. We'll of course share more details as soon as we are able to .

Q:In the new EC Synthesis end there is a reunion between Kei Jo and Kasumi. AFAIK Keiji is not alive, only the last message is recorded to the grey box in hologram form. What does the scene mean. Did Synthesis end bring Kei Ji back?

A:Great question. I honestly didn't know the answer to this one, so I asked Patrick Weekes, the man who wrote Kasumi in Mass Effect 3 and this is what he said:"In Synthesis, the improved communication/relationship between synthetics and organics is enough for Keiji's greybox memories to be reconstructed. This would let Kasumi reunite with her lover (at least mentally and emotionally). Whether it really is Keiji, based on his memories, or just a very good AI reconstruction of him, is up to the player to determine -- that type of question is one of the core questions of Synthesis." Now we know.

Q:During the chat with the catalyst, certain dialog seems to contradict the known lore from the former games. Has the lore been "bend" to fit the storyline of ME 3 or is the lore from the first two games still valid, including conversations, events?

A:Working as community managers, you are in the front line when it comes to fan reactions. Are you sometimes personaly dissapointed when fans are angry or hostile because of missing game features, not so detailed romance options for there love interests etc.? Or you see this things relaxed? Would your be job possible without dedication to the games, fans etc in the first place? "Lore" is never 100% set when you are talking about a product that is still not finished. What is "lore" in game one may have new details revealed about it by the end of game 3 for example. It is not so much that the Lore is changed, it is that the lore is not yet fully complete. As for the "are you ever disappointed" question, I am never disappointed that fans are angry or hostile, etc over one of our games. I know that when our games create strong emotion in fans (love, anger, joy, hate, etc) it is because they care about the game. This is a very good thing. I do occasionally get upset when some fans choose to express their negative thoughts in stupid or extremely negative ways. We love to hear feedback, both the positive and negative, from fans, but having people swear, threaten violence, etc is just dumb and is an immediate way to get your feedback ignored. I do think that since the Extended Cut was released, fans are now much happier overall with Mass Effect 3. And without our fans, I do not think my job would be possible.

Q:Why did you choose to give the Illusive Man such a great role in the second game, while in episode 3 he doesn't even felt as threatening as he did before? I wished he had such a great appearance like saren did.I also missed the atmospheric music in the final scene in ME3 like the track "suicide mission" in ME2. Why didn't you choose to add a more "animating" song..?

A:In ME2 The Illusive Man was a major part of the story as the leader of Cerberus. He was both an ally and an enemy at the same time. In ME3, the galaxy was under attack by the Reapers, a much larger and wider spread enemy than Cerberus, so T.I.M. sat back a bit in terms of confrontation until the end. I also kind of liked his indoctrinated look. It may not have been quite as "techno" as Saren, but I think it looked more chilling.

Q:As to upcoming DLC, would it be possible or do you plan to release a romance DLC which makes it possible to start a romance with Jack or other characters?

A:The team does have plans for future story based single player DLCs. We can't really go into detail as to what they would contain yet. Sorry.

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