Most people who've played Mass Effect 3 are aware of how the series comes to a conclusion. Based on how well you've done throughout the series, you are given up to three options on how to use the Crucible to end the Reaper threat:

  • choosing to Destroy the Reapers at the cost of all synthetic life;
  • Shepard replacing the Catalyst and taking Control of the Reapers;
  • Shepard joining with the Crucible's energy to change all life through genetic Synthesis;
  • or you can Refuse to choose any of the options, condemning the current cycle to their doom.

Many people who have finished the game know which choice they would choose. But what if it weren't Shepard who made it all of the way to the Catalyst? What if it were one of Shepard's squadmates, whether current or past?

The question is simple. Which choice do you think each of the Mass Effect series's squadmates would have made? You can feel free to infer which choice other characters in the series also would have made.

And just in case, a list of all of the squadmates in the three games (you don't need to do all of them if you don't want to):

Have fun! =^_^=

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