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  • Lieutenant Commander John Shepard

    So, I had posted this on the N7 Complete Arsenal Bundle page, but no one answered, so I thought "Eh, what the heck, let's make a blog and see if I can find out anything about this issue". Anyway, this is what I had asked at the talk page:

    "So, I bought this a few days ago and, for some reason, it's not working. I've re-downloaded and re-installed it multiple times (by re-downloading and re-installing the packs that are included in the bundle) and it's still not working. Now, I had to download this on an alternate account, since my main account is an American account (or an English one, I don't really remember) and I'm Brazilian, so I can't really buy anything on my main account. But still, that normally means it still works on my main accou…

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