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  • Leviathan2186

    According to the Codex, Humans can live to 150 years old but why is there no old people in the games? Only explanation I can think of is that they got anti-wrinkle cream and didn't say much.

    There is even a small chance that someone born from the 20th century would be alive in the Mass Effect Universe but not for certain. Hackett was 52 in ME3 and to be honest he looked even older than 52 so he obviously doesn't change his appearance with futuristic technology.

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  • Leviathan2186

    Who would win if these three powerful biotics were all really pi$$ed at each other and battling it out? The fight takes place on the Normandy in the Shuttle Bay. I think it's between Aria and Samara. What do you think?

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  • Leviathan2186

    I've been doing a little project lately about all Mass Effect squad members and their stats in the games.

    Anyway I'm not sure how much health and shields Legion has in Mass Effect 2. All I know is that Legion can become a Geth Trooper or Assassin if you put put the Geth Infiltrator rank to 4 points and that it can be +15% Health or +20% Health depending on if you choose Geth Trooper or Assassin.

    If anyone knows how much shields Legion has and how much health he has at the start. If you could find out this it will be much appreciated.

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  • Leviathan2186

    There are a lot of characters in Mass Effect that has had the odd funny quote but which one has been consistently funny throughout the trilogy?

    Joker would be one of them of course, Garrus has LOTS of calibrations to do, Grunt and Wrex are consistently funny in a Krogan matter through the series as well. Glyph makes me laugh sometimes as well for some reason.

    Who do you think is the funniest?

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  • Leviathan2186

    1. Mass Effect 4 should be a sequel, although a spin-off game as a prequel would be nice.

    2. Mass Effect 4 should have Shepard as a supporting character or a name which gets mentioned various times throughout the game and could have a major plot line.

    3. Saved files from previous games should be able to import over to Mass Effect 4 somehow, although it may be practically impossible if Mass Effect 4 is on next-gen consoles only.

    4. New Villains. If the Reapers came back directly in Mass Effect 4, it will be to repetitive in my opinion. The series should have a fresh villain which isn't quite as powerful as the Reapers and not planning on having a galactic war perhaps.

    5. Choose your own race

    6. Space Battles would be brilliant if done in the rig…

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