I got the Mass Effect trilogy some time ago and I completed Mass Effect and I am about to move on to Mass Effect 2. Before I started the game, I downloaded the Lair of the Shadow Broker and the arrival dlc, and I've heard that the story flows better if both dlc are played after completing the Mass Effect 2 Campaign. This is where I became worried, because I didn't know how Mass Effect 3 would Import my Mass Effect 2 save game(I'm playing on the Xbox 360, by the way) and was afraid that If I did the dlc after completing the Mass Effect 2 campaign, that the events that happen in the dlc wouldn't carry over into the next game, as they will be completed after the game completed save takes place. I looked on the internet and couldn't find a straightforward answer to my questions, and this blog was the only way I could get a dependable and straightforward answer, seeing as most people here have played Mass Effect 3 and know a lot more about Mass Effect than I do. so basically, my questions are how does Mass Effect 3 import saved games? does it use the same system that Mass Effect 2 did with Mass Effect? Or does it import games that you have saved after you have completed the campaign for Mass Effect 2? if it does, then does that mean that as long as I complete the campaign, any save made after it is completed can be imported into Mass Effect 3? I am trying to complete Mass Effect 2 and it's dlc in the order that makes the most sense, and like I said before, I heard that these two dlc make the most sense being completed after completing the campaign, and I would like the events of these two dlc to be included in my Mass Effect 3 game, regardless of whether they are important or not, because I accidentally came across a spoiler about what war assets these two dlc provide, and I want all the help I can get in Mass Effect 3. also, I am aware of the fact that the game gives you a choice of letting you start a new game+ or continuing the game you are currently playing when brought back to the Normandy after the end credits(another accidental spoiler I came across while looking for answers, don't know what the end mission is yet, so please no spoilers), and my questions relate to continuing the game currently being played, not for new game+. thank you for taking the time to read this, I know that a blog shouldn't be used for something like this, and I would appreciate any answers that you can provide.

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