aka Leonardo Jochum

  • I live in Mülheim, Germany
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is Student, Year 11
  • I am Male
  • LeoJo

    We all know that there will be future story DLC for Mass Effect 3, Take Back Omega being pretty much confirmed by files found in previous DLC Packs. Knowing that the story will be continued it might not be a bad idea to come up with new gameplay mechanics and details that would be quite easy to achieve, even without creating tons of new content. Here are a few ideas that I got in the previous weeks. They are meant for both SP and MP and would add new fun to the already good gameplay in the game. My ideas will cover simple things such as new gear equipment or weapon attachments, but also bigger customization ideas. I will not add any "new" character ideas or ideas like new factions for MP, as previous blogs have shown that people came up wit…

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