• Warning: This is all my opinion!

The title says it all. I mean seriously, I used to remember the good old days when blogs had something interesting or new to look at and comment, but now it seems blogs can just be divided into the following categories.

  • Ending:The blogs that, despite what the creators may argue, have to do with something about the ending. I find the best way to tell if blogs are ending blogs is to ask yourself if the blog would even exist without the ending.
  • Versus:The blogs that lead to pointless flamewars.
  • What is your favorite (insert comment here): These blogs are okay, but only in certain quantities. Certainly not the amount of them that there are now days.
  • Fanfiction: In my opinion, these are the most annoying blogs. I'm not gonna go into why though.

I just wish that instead of trying to mass produce these pointless blogs that lead to flamewars, people would start thinking of original and interesting ideas again.

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