So I am was trying to continue my perfect playthrough of Mass Effect yesterday and I just completed Feros when the game froze, both it and ME2 do this after a couple hours of playing so I thought nothing of it. I turned the Xbox off and on and ME froze right when "BioWare Corp" came on. I turned off and on again and it did the same thing. So I though it might be the Xbox so I put Halo Wars in to test. It worked fine. However I had my doubts so I put Halo Reach in. It said the disc was unreadable. B.S. So I put disc 1 of ME2 in and it froze aswell. So either both Halo Reach,ME,and ME2 are broken or My Xbox is and somehow Halo Wars worked(For the record I never actually played to test it, I just went to the starting screen) Either way i'm screwed. Why did this have to happen a month befor ME3 comes out. Microsoft better get to work and fix this soon because I need a week before ME3 comes out to finish my perfect playthrough of ME1 and ME2.

In other bad news I can't download the demo. It says it will take 5 THOUSAND MINUTES TO DOWNLOAD!!!

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