Surprisingly, it did, although not in the way you might think.

The "Twist"

The twist is even though Shepard stopped the Reapers, the galaxy now has to deal with entire race of arrogant, mind controlling, "Apex Predators", who hold contempt for lesser races and are more powerful than the Reapers.

Seeing as the Leviathan's see themselves as "Apex Predators", and believed all other races served no purpose but to be their thralls, I think it is probable they will try again this cycle.

Worst of all, this would be happening during a time in which the galaxy was rebuilding from another war.

How the endings will affect this inevitable conflict

In this section, I will try my best to present an un-biased chart showing how the different endings will affect this war.

  • Destroy; Without the Reapers to support the galaxy, and a substantial amount of the allied forces destroyed, this ending allows for a relatively easy Leviathan victory, but them again, this ending does allow Shepard to live, and s/he would probably play a major part in this Leviathan war.
  • Control; With the Reapers supporting the galaxy, and Shepard being in-charge of them, the galaxy would at least stand a chance against the Leviathan's, although victory would surely come at a major cost, and the galaxy would probably be in the same position that people thought they where in in the original Mass Effect 3 endings.
  • Synthesis; Honestly, I firmly believe the war would be averted in this ending, due to the new-found understanding all life-forms have for each other.


So, there you have it. Please leave a comment telling me what you think!

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