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  • Legionaire22

    Calm Down

    September 12, 2012 by Legionaire22

    Since it is constantly people being angry about something, i say this:

    Watch this until you stop caring about things. Then you may come back and see if you want to complain.

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  • Legionaire22

    A question

    August 11, 2012 by Legionaire22

    Just gonna say it: What happens if you get a human council in Mass Effect 1? I have never done so myself and see no info about it. Can someone who has chosen a fully human council tell me what happens in ME2 and ME3?

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  • Legionaire22

    More War Assets

    July 31, 2012 by Legionaire22

    You ask what it is i want for a War asset? Possibly even a DLC option?! Well, you didn't, but i am going to slap it into your face anyway!

    Team Rambo Effective Strength: 100 Description: Created in image of the old movie character, Team Rambo used to only be a part of Alliance military. However, as Humanity took its place at the Council, it suddenly turned from an all-human Spec Ops to a multi-race Black Ops. All trained for fighting alone, in tight groups, guerilla, terror and attrition warfare, they are the best singular team the Council can muster. In the team are eight very distinguished operatives

    Commander Johannes Ive, a veteran of many battles, has been with the team for a long time. An N7 graduate, he is an expert in guerilla warfar…

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  • Legionaire22

    New Gamemode

    July 27, 2012 by Legionaire22

    Something i thought off In Mass Effect 3, alot is going on. Like it or not, you can't deny all that happens (Batarians nearly being wiped out, Attack on Palaven etc etc) So why not make a game mode where you play maybe a smaller campaign...but not as Shepard. You create your own character who have his/its moments. Say for example you want to play as a Turian, then you start off with the Invasion of Palaven and have to fight and evacuate. Or you might want to play as a Batarian and you are a soldier on a ship that manages to escape (which would also give us a better understanding of the Batarian society) Or, if you like me love big guns...You play an Elcor, holding off Husks with a chaingun on your back and tackling a Brute head on as you d…

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  • Legionaire22

    Not an Ending Blog

    July 24, 2012 by Legionaire22

    But still an important question!

    As a fencer and collector of swords, i must ask... What could Kai Lengs sword possibly be made of? It can pierce through the metal of a car and it can slash at you, but it can't hold being backhand-slapped by an armored gauntlet?

    This means: The sword is oddly 1-purposed and Kai Leng is one hell of a swordsman to be able to use it.

    Unless he just channels his biotic powers into it. I guess that could work.

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