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Mass Effect 3 Doubts

Like any Mass Effect fan, I'm looking forward for Mass Effect 3. The game looks very promising and the storyline, gameplay and graphics are impressive. But still I have a few question regarding the game.

  • Is ME3 the last Mass Effect game ever, or it will just end the current story arc?
  • The Reapers are attacking just Earth or will be attacking other planets?
  • How can Shepard gain support from the aliens?
  • Will the quarian-geth conflict will be solved?
  • Will the krogan will be cured from the genophage?
  • How can Cerberus be aligned with the Reapers?
  • Will the batarians put their conflict with humanity aside to fight the Reapers?
  • While it looks like that the Mass Effect 1 squadmates will be permanent squadmates in Mass Effect 3, will the Mass Effect 2 will return as squadmates or as supporting characters?
  • If Liara is the Shadow Broker, how can she help Shepard as a squadmate?
  • How was Ashley/Kaidan selected as a Spectre?
  • If Anderson was chosen as humanity's representative in the Council, how can he help Shepard in the opening mission?

I know that I will have to wait until ME3 is released, but I would like to see what you think about it.

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