So yet again the Wikia staff whips out their "new feature" ideas, and yet again, they hit and miss. This time however, they miss the dartboard by such a distance, the dart lands on Pluto. How it got there, I have no idea, but that's about what going on.

So some background. The staff thinks that Facebook has the right idea, I don't know who took a hit to the head, but clearly someone did. They plan to alter the format of User talk pages to match that of Facebook. In this new format, conversations will be automatically archived after twenty (20) conversations are on the page, and you can't edit the archives, or any archives you created previously. This feature will eventually be mandatory and we will, again more than likely, not have one say in the matter. Already there has been a backlash of negative comments, and while I know the staff can't respond to every comment, they are being pretty picky about which ones to respond to. I've already left a huge comment, so maybe the staff will actually be able to read the highly negative feedback and stop before they start. They are trying to force more changes on us and just about everyone is fed up with it.

It is plainly obvious to everyone that Wikia is trying to become like Facebook and everyone clearly doesn't want that. Already more than a few people have called it a slap in the face. A few have even called this worse than Oasis, and I’m inclined to agree.

So I call on everyone to give your feedback, you've heard mine, but can anyone seriously think this is a good idea for a wiki...

Dopp calls this easy, I call it forcing pills down my throat, tying my hands, and harder to use. I don't come here for facebook but I'm open to anyone discussing something. If I want facebook, I'll go to facebook, but I don't want those features here.

Give your feedback: Communicate "Easily" with Message Wall.

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