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Lancer1289 October 20, 2010 User blog:Lancer1289

In the most recent edition of Gameinformer magazine there are a few good things I think I should share. First on pages 28-29, they provide a timeline of the ME universe from start to current, as of a few weeks ago. Entitled Charting Mass Effect's Fiction the article provides a brief overview of the books, games, and some of the DLC packs, without giving away any spoilers. The article is only a two page spread, but it does a good job of providing some basic background of the ME universe. Credits go to Andrew Reiner and BioWare's Mass Effect team. Specifically it covers, in order from one to fourteen: Mass Effect: Revelation, Mass Effect, Bring Down the Sky, Mass Effect: Ascension, Mass Effect Galaxy, Mass Effect: Redemption, Mass Effect 2, Zaeed - The Price of Revenge, Kasumi - Stolen Memory, Normandy Crash Site, Firewalker Pack, Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker, and ending with Mass Effect: Retribution.

The Second article, well also a two page spread is right before that, on 26-27, is a flow chart of Every RPG Ever which is also the title of the article. It is a good article that is also quite humorous. However I do have to say that it does seem to describe quite a few of the standard trends in RPGs, but you'll get a laugh out of it. For this article, the credits go to Joe Juba.

Overall two good two-page spreads that while only a small part of the recent issue, which covers many games including the cover for Resistance 3. I'd recommend picking up this issue of Gameinformer, issue #211, for quite a few reasons, but I figured I’d share this. Currently there are no links for the article up on its website, otherwise I'd provide them.

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