Perhaps it is because I'm running a club at my college and we are trying to get ourselves out there, but I've been thinking of possible wikis that we could add as our affiliates. This is nothing more than really a list, but since I can't do this by myself, I figured I'd open it up to the community to get some more ideas. The reason I'm doing this in a blog is that I really want to have rules that are more enforceable.

I know this will be a hot topic, so I'm setting these rules:

  1. This is a place for listing possible affiliates, not ones that we will add.
  2. No insulting users over listing what they list. It is an idea not a confirmation.
  3. Any wiki can be listed, no restrictions. (Before doing so, please see below for more on this)
  4. No arguing over a wiki. I will not tolerate things like Battlefield vs. Call of Duty debates here.
  5. EVERY AND ALL site policies apply.

I reserve the right to modify these rules if new situations come up.

My Suggestions:

  1. Battlefield
  2. Fallout
  3. Gears of War
  4. Elder Scrolls

Just be warned before listing a wiki, some don't take affiliates so do a little research before hand. There is little use listing a wiki that we can't even approach. Wookieepedia, for example, doesn't take anything that isn't directly related to Star Wars and the same seems to apply to Memory Alpha. Also be aware that listing wikis that are outside Wikia's network may cause problems.

So read, comment, be respectful, and don't go overboard, or out an airlock. I don't have time to launch SAR.

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