This is becoming an increasing point of frustration for me and I'm sure for more than a few people. I've seen more and more users undo an edit, or make an edit, and leave no edit summary, and for the former it often causes problems.

I cannot see why someone can't take the time to leave a quick summary of why they are undoing an edit. I've more than my fair share of times undone undoes because I cannot understand why the edit was undone in the first place. Granted I've fat fingered more than a few summaries, but many people today are just not leaving any at all. Now for something like vandalism, it's understandable, but for undoing a revision that say improves the flow of a sentence, or improves grammar, or adds something not previously known, I can't see why someone can't leave a summary.

I don't know why it is so hard to leave a summary, and I think when someone makes an undo, when it isn't vandalism, I think that leaving a reason why, is a good idea as it prevents future conflicts.

When you make an edit, just leave some form of a summary so everyone can see your reasoning for the edit. Especially with undoes. I mean seriously, is it that hard to say "item is not trivia"?

And I can't be the only one with whom this issue has become some sort of annoyance. Lancer1289 23:45, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

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