Well Wikia's beta period comes to an end today as the new skin starts to be rolled out tomorrow October 6. In a new blog by Susan Taylor, Beta Wrap-Up, she outlines what was changed, what wasn't, and provides some details.

She states at the bottom that "[w]e realize that there is some strong feedback about some features that have not been modified, like fixed width. Though feedback is one way to assess the product, there are many other pieces of this puzzle, such as organic site usage and feedback by the entire user base. This is a work in progress. Over the coming months these factors will give us more insight into the success of the changes we’ve made." What this means is anyone's guess at this point. However I'll leave you all free to comment here or there, but considering what is happening, I figured that this should be posted. There are still a great many things that I have problems with, but apparently nothing will be done about it before the release. So I'll hold out hope that Wikia will maybe actually listen and change things as this process continues.

In this User's opinion, it isn't enough, but hey, that's me.

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