I know there have been a few things about this, but my experiences today really made me have to ask this question.

Does anyone who plays multiplayer these days have any intelligence anymore?

I am consistently encountering people who do the following things:

  • Don't go for objectives just keep killing
    • Don't try and get to one of the four on activation/deactivation (Quads)
    • Don't try and stay in the circle for escort
    • Don't try and retrieve the packages, or help escort the person carrying them
    • Don't even make an attempt to help with hacking/uploading (Most annoying)
    • Keep killing everything EXCEPT the targets
  • People who don't revive squadmates even when there is no one around
  • People who don't try and get to downed teammates. Make an active effort
  • People who just run all over the map looking for something
  • Missile spammers, then they don't have any for when they are really needed
  • People who quit when they goes down, or when someone else goes down
  • People who don't have any idea how to use their character/class
  • People who don't know how to use a particular weapon
  • People who use medi-gel when someone is right next to them, and right after they go down
  • People who seem to just now know the maps or good spots to snipe/ambush/get in cover

Do you have any more stories as this is just what I could remember off of the top of my head. I'll add to it when I get more suggestions from comments or when I remember ones.

And just a personal rage moment, is anyone else completely and utterly frustrated with the store and how it seems to keep giving you equipment and guns that you never use/never will use and not give you what you want? I have bought over at the very least 60 Spectre packs since Earth was released and how many Earth Characters do I have? ZERO.


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