Gameinformer has posted the results of the 14th annual AIAA awards produced by DICE, and Mass Effect 2 took three awards. ME2 won Game of the Year, Best Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year (Why those are in one category is something I won't figure out any time soon), and Outstanding Achievement in Story. Red Dead Redemption, ME2's chief rival took Outstanding Character Performance (John Marston), Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering, Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction, Action Game of the Year, and Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction.

Feel free to read the article and pursue the other awards and judge for yourself who should have gotten what. Frankly I think that ME2 should have also taken Art Direction and Music but apparently they disagreed.

Also I think I should note that the AIAA awards are a peer based voting system, unlike the VGAs. To quote the author Matt Bertz "These awards likely mean more to the recipients than the overproduced Spike TV festivities because they are decided by a peer-based voting system." Recievening awards from your peers, IMHO, does mean a lot more than people voting on what is popular. That is my opinion on the matter so take it as you will.

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