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And everything works out

Well my morning was very interesting, and this is my first blog.

Anyway my problem today, I wake up at 11:50 am. Not a big problem, who would say no to more sleep, but I slept through four alarms, that or I don't remember turning them off. Now I have class at 9:30 am. So again not a big problem becuase one day of a college class missed, not the big of a deal right?

WRONG becuase I had a paper due today that is worth 50% of my final grade. So my paper is late, and I don't even have it printed becuase the problem was my printer decided to act up last night. So I set my alarms to wake me up early so I could get it done, but again I either slept through them or turned them all off without remembering it. By the time I have everthing together, it is 12:30, and I know my Professor will be there until 1:00pm. Again not a big problem right?

WRONG AGAIN. It takes me on average 30 mintues to get to school so that IS a problem. However somehow, and I don't know how, I mamaged to get to school in 17 minutes. I get to my Professor's office, and he is sitting there, thankfully, and I just hand my paper in. He says that it is OK becuase I managed to get it in before he left. I'm standing there, dumbstruck, but thankful that I don't get the letter grade marked off because I was late.

So I guess in the end, everything worked out. My paper is in, and I don't get the letter grade knocked off.

Update: I got my paper back today, and I think an A is well worth the effort and chaos I went through

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