This was just a little too quickly for me. With just 4 major story DLCs compared to the 5 or 6 that ME2 came out with, I feel ripped off by BioWare. There also won't be a year of DLC and that really just angers me. I understand that everything has to come to an eventual end, but with this? I can't accept that.

Mass Effect 3 was considerably lighter on the DLC compared to ME2, which is something that I don't get. I think to much development time was spend on Multiplayer. ME2 had more story, more weapons, more armor, and with ME3, we got five MP packs that no doubt diverted from SP development. I hate that. 3 Story DLCs...I don't consider that an end, I consider that a bit of a ripoff.

We haven't even had a full year of ME3 DLC and it was again a lot lighter than ME2.

Well there is my small rant about why I think this is stupid. Feel free to comment.

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