Well that is what Gameinformer is calling it, and while I may disagree with some of the titles they list as RPGs, I find myself having to agree. As most of us probably know, Shooters dominated 2011, particularly the last three months with Skyrim being one of the few expectations. There were literally so many games thrown at you so quickly, that I'm sure I'm not the only one who had to pick and choose what they were going to purchase. 2011 has already been called "The Year of the Shooter" by several places, and I can't find myself coming up with an argument to say anything different.

Mass Effect 3 is just one of the several big AAA RPGs that come out this year, and what is better about this year, is that the games are more evenly spaced, somewhat, over the course of the year.

So I figured when I got my email from Gameinformer, I thought I'd share this with the rest of you.

Full article: Gameinformer: The Year Of The RPG? by Phil Kollar

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