This is just ridiculous. I come back after about 6 months to see everything in an even worse shape than it was when I left!

I realize that emotions are high right now - so I'm remaining neutral and since I haven't been here, it would be unwise for me to dictate a solution. I leave that to the rest of you. Now let me pick both sides apart.

Admins: You guys have to get off of your pedestal. I realize that you are in a very delicate situation, but going around and acting that your opinion is greater than others, making 'executive orders' behind closed doors, and being overall arrogant isn't helping anybody. If you make yourselves equal to the users, then there'd be no need for being so rash and assertive. Making new rules just widens the line. I have to respect Spart and Commdor though - they've been staying level-headed throughout this whole fiasco, and that's pretty difficult considering all of the hate they're getting.

The Community: ENOUGH. I'm sick of going through blogs and talk pages and the like and seeing you guys bashing not only the admins, but each other over this whole fiasco. If you guys were in the admin's position, it'd be pretty **** hard for you to find a solution that satisfies everyone. If you guys would just stop using your emotions to dictate your actions, and start using logic to think of a compromise, this whole thing could be over.

That goes for you too, admins. Both of you have to give in order to find a solution. Otherwise we'd just have both sides clashing over and over and over again, and having the admins making rash decisions to try and stop it. Oh yeah, and you can't keep telling them to compromise if you aren't willing to compromise. If you don't compromise, no one compromises. Everyone has to get together to form a solution, otherwise we'd just be wasting our time.

This is an internet encyclopedia. This isn't freaking High School, there is no need for all of this mellow dramatic crap. We could probably make a soap opera out of all this, "The Mass Defect Wiki: Attack of the Admins", starring Legionwrex and LDR.

/End of rant.

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