Ok so since the Reapers attack before the end of the trial on Earth, will these 300,000 batarian deaths just be forgotten? We should know by now that the bureaucracy present in the ME Universe (the counsel's and udina's refusal to "take your word for it", and to just plain focus on the bigger picture) will probably not allow this issue to just be dropped, if only because the batarians will insist that it doesn't. Sure, sure, trillions of deaths caused by the Reapers, but you can't put the Reapers on trial.

So then we've got the issue of the trial of a particularly slutty, lying murderess who was acquitted of murder even though no reasonible person believes she wasn't at least partially responsible for the death of her daughter. I think this is related to Shepard's trial because the evidence against Shepard will be so overpowering given his/her proximity to the "crime scene" and being the only survivor from that entire system, that there would have to be a severe absence of human intuition to not assume guilt.

However, I would find the series' conclusion to be very unsatisfying if Shepard is convicted for 300,000 counts of some degree of murder/manslaughter.

So what will actually happen with all this?

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