Earth Capital?
So something extremely mundane has been bothering me on my play through of the Mass Effect series, as a devout player of all three games I've wondered, what is the capital of Earth? We hear about other planets capitals, Sereuun and Malvuon for the Elcor homeworld Dekuuna, Lenos for the Volus home world of Irune, Cipritine for the Turian homeworld of Palaven. But Earth, home world of Humans who are now a citadel council species remains without a known capital. This bothers me not as something I feel they needed but a nod, something in the codex perhaps saying either there was no capital or that it was yet to be chosen due to Earths relatively short time in the galactic community. Then as I played through Mass Effect 3 I wondered was it London? It was sure made to be important in the game play, but no word of it. Perhaps Vancouver? The Alliance defense committee is located here and it is clearly now a major world center but; and I say this as a Canadian, I honestly don't see the Earth capital being in Canada, when its population is so tiny comparatively to many other nations, and its military might is significantly less than most nations of equal development. So now I ask, where do you believe the Earths capital should be?

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