So this might sound really stupid for you and pointlessly random, but i was wondering how the star wars universe would do against the Reapers in their own cycle. I have my own ideas to discuss, but i want your opinions too. Enjoy.

How will they do?

So the Star wars universe has been ravaged by a civil war, its strongest military defeated and the galactic community weakened. "Sup" says Sovereign, strolling into the galaxy which is DEVOID OF MASS RELAYS, so the Reapers need to think of new solutions (The Relays could be in another galaxy- this could be another galaxy to Mass Effect). We have the new Rebellion in power, the Jedi are returning, so on and so forth. but the Reapers have different technology and weapons, and a massive scope of Races to harvest (a mixed blessing, as A: more husks but B: a harder fight). Already there has been Synthetic conflicts (Clone wars) so the Reapers have good reason to be here. Please keep reading, im getting there. So two fairly large forces, the SW people versus the unified synthetic reaper fleet. My geuss is that the surprise will deal a bad blow to the SW people, however theyll strike back, finding plans for the Death Star 3 that will destroy the Reapers (Yes, i just made the Death Star into a space magic machine. Bear with me) but will take ages to make, etc etc. So then they fight an uphill war on the Reapers, with Harbinger letting the Wookees win. But there will be loads of indoctrinated husks with funny names from mythology and the sith become indoctrinated too. So the final battle happens over Naboo or something and the SW shep goes to the Death star only to be told by ghost yoda that he must press a different coloured button to acheive something. So green button fires a laser that makes the Reapers high and they get wiped out,but all blue and green people die, blue button kills everyone for no reason and red button kills the Reapers but the force is destroyed. but there is a secret ending ehere you refuse and chuck norris kills the Reapers. THE END

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