So i was thinking about me3 and the supposed "leviathan" DLC, and i started wondering about ideas for new DLC in the future. My ideas are as follows, with two main ideas and some small one s to go with it. So lets begin:

1: Take back Omega! I was talking to Aria t'loak the other day, and she mentioned that the day to take back omega was coming fast. So where was this mission? What im thinking is aria contacts you via message and tells you to meet her someplace like the citadel. You then proceed to attack Omega, fighting through waves of cerberus troops and meeting people like Gavorn along the way, picking up some War assets too. Some side missions could be included too.

2: The Raloi, avian bird people! These guys have not really been mentioned or expandded on before. We only know that they destroyed all space flight technology to avoid the reapers. So what if some decided to stay and fight? New race, possible squad member, war assets, and new missions, maybe even the computer aliens, two birds with one stone.

3: Minor ideas drell, hanar, volus and Elcor reaper units Krogan squad member More scenes in extended cut Return to shepards apartment Pinnacle station Multiplayer maps/ characters New weapons More Vorcha!

So those are my ideas. If you guys have any ideas i didnt mention, feel free to suggest them, or if you have complaints, tell me: all critism is welcome!!

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